• Pelican Catch 130 HD (New Shipment Coming In Early March)

    The Pelican Catch 130 HD HYDRYVE is the first pedal drive kayak from Pelican.  The boat is 12ft 6" long, 34" wide and 15" deep.  The weight of the Catch 130 HD is 85# and has a max capacity of 425#.  It has a limited lifetime warranty.

    • Specifications

      Pedal Propulsion System Features

      1. A recessed part of the hull allows your fins to tuck up out of the way of rocks and aquatic plants.

      2. Double-sided footrests offer either adjustable rubber foot straps on one side or an anti-slip design on the other.

      3. Adjustable pedal arms ensure a comfortable paddling position.


      Catch 130 Features

      1. Ergocast G2 Seating System provides amazing comfort for hours of fun.

      2. Tunnel Hull provides a stable platform from which to cast in either a sitting or standing position.

      3. RAM-X Premium materials create a strong kayak capable of lasting for years.

      4. Pre-mounted Scotty tracks are ready to accept your favorites add-ons.


      Length: 12'6

      Beam: 34"

      Depth: 15"

      Cockpit: Open

      Weight: 85lb

      Max Capacity: 425lb

      Hull Material: RamX Premium

      Hull Type: Tunnel Hull

    Color: Sandstone/Sand

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