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  • Can you ship the Kayaks?
    Yes we can ship anywhere in the lower 48.
  • Do I have to pay the full amount for the Pre Order of the Pelican Catch 130 HD?
    Yes unfortunately we require a full payment for preorder of the Pelican Catch 130 HD.
  • When does the Catch 130HD become available?
    It is slated for a January 2019 launch. This might change but that is the expected launch month.
  • Do the kayaks come with a warranty?
    Yes there is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the hull and deck for all TST kayaks and RAM-X boards for as long as the original owner owns it.
  • What are the kayaks made of?
    RAM-X™ is a multi-layer material exclusive to us. It is known for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after violent impacts and its UV-protected exterior finish. RAM-X™ has become the benchmark for quality in the industry. We are the leading North American kayak manufacturer to use Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology. TST produces a lighter, stiffer and stronger product than is possible with other manufacturing methods. The combination of Pelican's proprietary materials combined with the TST process results in a lightweight product that has unparalleled rigidity, exceptional impact and breakage resistance, outstanding longevity and superior safety.
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